If You’re Looking for a Proven Direct Response Copywriter and Expert Consultant…

… Because you want to make more sales and generate more profits — on either your new customer acquisition or “house file” back end promotion…

Especially if you sell a published product with a ROI component: financial newsletters, business and marketing systems, or similar…

Look no further!


I don’t spend a lot of time selling my services these days.  I’d rather let my work — and what others have said about it — speak for itself.

I’ve also been plenty busy offering daily marketing and copywriting insights, ideas, proven principles, and effective strategies at my blog, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Here’s a sampling of some of the projects I’ve worked on in the last few years.  Controls and profitable promotions for some of the best direct marketers on the planet.

For full samples so you can read all my copy, email me at Roy@RoyFurr.com.  You can also read more about the specific services I offer on my services page at Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

One of my favorite samples, for many reasons, is…

“The Titans of Direct Response” Seminar Promotion for Brian Kurtz at Boardroom, Inc.

The biggest direct response event of the decade.  A tribute event for the late Marty Edelston.  Featuring Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Greg Renker, Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall, Joe Sugarman, Fred Catona, Eric Betuel, David Deutsch, Arthur Johnson, and Parris Lampropoulos.

VIP spots sold out in 21 days, 3 months before the event.  Regular registrations have filled faster than most seminars in the industry.  The lineup is most of that.  The copy doesn’t hurt.


(You can click to view a larger version of this or any promotion on the page.  For a PDF copy, email Roy@RoyFurr.com.)

Brian Kurtz called the promotion “A Masterpiece.”

None other than The Great Gary Bencivenga wrote me with this testimonial…

Gary Bencivenga: "America's Best Copywriter"

Gary Bencivenga: “America’s Best Copywriter”

Hi, Roy,

Great job on the seminar copy! It’s very hard to write for other writers…doubly difficult when they are copywriters…and triply challenging when it’s about their bios!

But you did it…and your promo sings.

All good wishes, Roy,

Gary B.

What a testimonial!

I’m also particularly proud of a couple web event/webinar promotions…

I’d been spying on Clayton Makepeace over at Weiss, as well as digging into what a bunch of the best internet marketers were doing…  And put together a “campaign map” for running a HUGE campaign centered around a web-based video event broadcast.

The flow chart below BARELY scratches the surface of all the elements — there are AT LEAST 28 moving pieces (and that’s just copy!) to pull one of these things off.

The cool thing about it is this: before I brought this to my clients, Weiss was about the only company in the space doing these things, but after the events I put together a whole bunch of major players started doing them and following my map (even copying page formatting, etc., on specific campaign elements).


If you make a misstep at any one point in the process, you can totally screw up the effectiveness of these campaigns.  Also, I learned at least one big lesson from this that is proven to increase the sales by 20%, and it doesn’t show up on this map.

(These type of campaigns just underscore why it’s worth so much more to have someone who really understands strategy, and who doesn’t just write copy.)

The two biggest, most well-known versions of these campaigns I ran were: “The Post-Election Economy” for Mauldin Economics and “The American Debt Crisis” for Casey Research.  Here are screenshots of the sales letters used after the event (again, these are just one of about 28 pieces of copy used):

invest-without-fear american-debt-crisis

Both of those event campaigns were incredibly successful.  Without getting into specifics that violate client confidentiality, they generated a ton of leads, and exceeded revenue goals in each case.

Like many younger copywriters, I came up in the internet era.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have direct mail experience.  Quite the contrary!

Here’s a magalog I recently wrote for InvestorPlace…

With the wonderful Lori Haller as designer (although I feel bad saying that here, because nearly every page EXCEPT the cover highlights her design better — you can see it though if you email me at Roy@RoyFurr.com for the full PDF)…


I’ve also recently written some hard-hitting independent living, survivalist, or prepper copy around a MAJOR news prediction…

This was for Lee Bellinger over at Independent Living News.  It covers the possibility of a terrorist attack on our power grid, and the repercussions if that were to occur.  Don’t read if you’re not ready to be scared out of your gourd!

(Incidentally, when the package was 99% done, National Geographic ran a special on the EXACT SAME TOPIC with a very similar name.  If we’d been out a few days earlier, we would have led the news with this story!  Though you’ll see I was able to flip that into a proof element pretty easily.)



I’ve also written secret promos for acquisition purposes (an approach Agora divisions are most famous for)…

Here’s one I did about a Secret Society in Silicon Valley…



Straight-forward offer promos, with a pile of proof for credibility…

This one for InvestorPlace’s service, GameChangers service…


And as part of a longer-term relationship with Casey Research, I’ve also written a lot about…

Investment opportunities in junior resource stocks…

Here are a couple big winners in that space…  The Casey’s Investment Alert promo had to be shut down early to manage membership levels and trading volume on the thinly-traded stocks recommended in that portfolio.

cia-promo-live 7-tiny-stocks

Business opportunity and work at home?  Yeah, I’ve done that, too…

What’s the saying?  “It’s not bragging if you’ve done it.”  I think that’s it.  I’m not trying to plaster my ego all over this page, but rather give you a grasp of the experience I have as a copywriter and marketing consultant.

In the biz opp and work at home space, I’ve had American Writers & Artists, Inc., or AWAI, as a long-time client.  In addition to a ton of other work for them, I wrote the biggest opportunity-launch promo in their company’s history — the first product they ever had to STOP SELLING to keep up with sales volumes.


I’ve also done some work in self-help, including with Nightingale-Conant…

Here were a couple successful campaigns with the most well-known self-help publisher and marketer of the last few decades.  Wayne Dyer’s Making the Shift, and their audio version of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

wayne-dyer-making-the-shift think-and-grow-rich

Clients I’ve worked with to create controls and profitable promotions include…

  • Brian Kurtz and Boardroom
  • InvestorPlace Media
  • Independent Living News
  • Mauldin Economics
  • Casey Research
  • Money Map Press
  • AWAI
  • Nightingale-Conant
  • Brian Tracy International
  • And others…

If you’d like more information or to work with me, here’s what to do next…

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Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr