Here’s my plain-English, pull-no-punches disclaimer about claims and promises made on the RoyFurr.com website.

I’m in the marketing consulting business.  In this business, I promote myself.  That includes making statements and claims about results my previous clients have achieved.  Although some claims may seem outstanding, all claims are factual to the best of my knowledge.

They do not, however, represent the average or expected results from my consulting services.  Frankly, I’ve had clients pay me thousands of dollars for my advice and work product and fail to do anything with it.  Of course, this means they took a loss on that project — and that was outside of my control.  Also, I may work with you and we’ll do something that bombs.  There’s no guarantee everything I write and every piece of marketing advice I dispense will create instant profits — anyone who claims this is a big, fat liar.

But when I do engage with you on a project or in a consulting relationship, I will work with you to the best of my knowledge and ability to create profitable results for your marketing and advertising.  If you’re continuing to test the marketing ideas and work product you’ve paid for, I’ll continue to work with you until we find a profitable approach or you stop testing.

Regarding client privacy and unattributed results claims: for most of my clients, the fact that they’re working with me is considered a competitive advantage.  They don’t want competitors knowing which projects I assisted on, what results each project is generating, and what my role was in generating those results.  As such, I can’t tell you that I generated ABC results for XYZ company.  I do this out of respect for my client’s privacy.  If you have specific questions about what results were generated where, please contact me directly using the Contact page on this site and I’ll choose which results will be shared on a case-by-case basis to non-competing clients.

Also, not every business is qualified to be a client.  There are certain attributes I’m looking for before I decide I’ll be able to help you increase your marketing and advertising results.  For example, I don’t like to work with businesses doing less than $500,000 per year because until you reach this point you typically don’t have the marketing assets in place that will allow for me to generate the results you’re looking for.  Also, I strongly prefer publishing businesses, and businesses in the niches where I have the most experience.

And finally, although I dispense marketing, advertising, selling, and business advice, I’m not offering any “get rich quick” promises, or anything of the like.  I work with serious businesses to augment and improve their marketing and advertising efforts.  I’m a consultant and copywriter — I DO NOT provide business opportunity products, services, or advice.

If you have any questions about this, please visit the Contact page on this site for information on how to get a hold of me.

Thank you,

Roy Furr