Copy Critique

Roy can help you make your sales copy sell more.

Whether you’re writing ads for your own business or for a client, Roy will use his proprietary process to break down the copy and identify what’s working, what needs to be improved, what needs to be axed, and what needs to be added.

And when you follow his directions, you’ll get copy that makes sales. Period.

Roy won’t rewrite your copy for you — no, instead he’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make your copy more powerful…  To sell more.  Then you implement his suggestions and get credit for the results.

These are the same copywriting techniques Roy’s used to generate $145,000 sales volume in under two weeks (on a cold product launch, too), create over $1 million in back-end revenue during a single 3-week promotion, and rack up control after control.  These are his strategies that are drawing the attention of some of the world’s top direct marketers.  And now these techniques and strategies are available to you.

Roy will work with you to improve your copy in these areas:

  • Discover the most profitable Big Idea for your promotion (this — more than anything else — makes the difference between a winning promotion and a flop)
  • The 3-part secret of the “Magic Pill” and how its ethical use can make prospects salivate for your offer
  • How to cure “Prospect ADHD” and keep them engaged with your sales message from beginning to end
  • Steal the secret structure of the world’s most successful sales presentations
  • Use these two “unstoppable weapons” in your sales copy to have your prospects believing every word (a must for maximum response!)

And that’s just the beginning.  By the time you’re through with your copy critique, you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to your copy to maximize your sales results.

Here’s what you get with your copy critique:

  1. Roy will take a private look at your copy before you talk.  This pre-analysis lets him dig in and understand the project, and what you’re doing with the copy.  He’ll also take notes about important items to discuss, and recommendations he has.  (Also, by looking at your copy beforehand he says it gives his mind time to “simmer” and come up with more powerful ideas.)
  2. You’ll discuss your copy with Roy via telephone.  He’ll share important notes with you, so you can use them as you make your edits.  Also, he’ll likely have additional questions or ideas you can go over as you speak.
  3. You’ll get a recording of your call that you can refer to as many times as you need while making the recommended edits.

Roy’s standard fee for a copy critique is $500, payable in advance, by check or PayPal.

Once he’s received your fee, he’ll request that you send him your copy as you’d like it critiqued.  He’ll also give you the option of dates and times for the critique.  You should expect to spend up to one hour discussing your copy on the phone with Roy.

If you’re working on a tight timeline, please let him know that as well, as he will try to critique your copy in plenty of time that you can make edits to meet any deadline you have.

Also, Roy understands the sensitive nature of sales copy and promotions, and you can expect him to keep your project and any associated information in the strictest confidence.

It’s been proven — one small change can multiply sales by 2X-10X. This can be the difference between a flop and a blockbuster.  Don’t you want to put the odds in your favor?

To get started, please fill out the short questionnaire below.

You’ll receive a response to your questionnaire within 2-5 business days, at which point you’ll receive payment details, available times and dates for your copy critique, and instructions for submitting the copy itself.

Copy Critique Request Form

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