All It Takes Is One Idea, One New Marketing Strategy…

…  One client of Roy’s took one marketing strategy idea and doubled their business on the back of that idea, going from $2.5 to $5 million in under 5 years, and was featured in Inc Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing private businesses.

…  Another added $145,000 new high-margin revenue to their books in under two weeks with one simple idea.

…  Yet another business added $1 million in new subscription revenue thanks to a marketing campaign Roy developed by finding and featuring the right Big Idea that would move prospects to take action.

Often it’s just one simple idea that can create a spike in revenue and profits — fast cash flow — or even grow your business by double, triple, or more.

Roy specializes in finding these high-profit marketing strategies and ideas for your business.

All client relationships start with an initial consultation lasting up to three hours, in which you and Roy dive in together and look for the ideas that will create breakthrough results in your business.  The goal of this conversation is to give you a short list of marketing strategies and ideas you can implement quickly, easily, and affordably to add 25% or more to your bottom line.

The fee for this consultation is $1,500, payable in advance.

At the end of the consultation, one of three things happens:

  1. You love Roy’s ideas.  You see how they’ll grow your business.  And you’d like help putting them to work as soon as possible.  Roy provides you with a to-do list for putting the ideas to work, and applies 100% of your consultation fee toward your first project together.
  2. You decide you got what you came for, and you’re satisfied.  You see how Roy’s ideas and recommendations can help you grow your business, and will put them to work yourself.  You both go on your way, and Roy keeps the consultation fee.
  3. You conclude the consultation was a total waste of time, Roy’s a bore, he doesn’t have the ideas he’s promised, or for some other reason you’re not satisfied.  (This has never happened.)  If this is the case, let Roy know and he’ll ensure you receive a prompt and courteous refund.

You could be just one idea or marketing strategy away from substantially more sales and profits — or even doubling your business.  Isn’t it worth the investment?

To get started, please fill out the short questionnaire below.

You’ll receive a response to your questionnaire within 2-5 business days, at which point you’ll receive payment details and available times and dates for your consultation.

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