Most copywriters and marketing consultants work on a “made to order” basis — though Roy Furr is not like most copywriters and marketing consultants you meet.

Roy Furr’s biggest specialty and value to you is his Big Ideas. Much of the success of any promotion, marketing campaign, or advertisement hinges on the right thinking — the right Big Idea. The results can be astounding when when you find a winning Big Idea and integrate it throughout your entire marketing campaign.  That’s why Roy prides himself on having the boldness it takes to offer up innovative Big Ideas based on proven direct marketing principles.

Beyond the Big Idea, Roy specializes in long copy direct response letters (8+ pages) for both online and offline use.  Even in a world where technology ushers in a new medium every day, the simple direct response letter (when done right) can outsell practically any other approach.

Also, Roy doesn’t stop at the sales letter.  When he’s written a promotion piece for you, he will work with you to develop the best possible strategy for getting the promo in front of buyers who will respond — whether you’re working on customer acquisition or maximizing customer lifetime value through back-end sales.

When your strategy calls for additional copy, Roy can help.  He’s well versed at writing effective website copy, email marketing, autoresponder follow-up sequences, articles, video scripts, landing pages, pay-per-click ads, banner ads, lead generation ads, space ads, and more — all driving the respondent to the core sales message.

When you’re truly committed to making a promotion as profitable as possible, Roy can work with you to create entire marketing campaigns that will tilt the odds of success strongly in your favor.

Roy specializes in a handful of industries including financial, personal growth, and business opportunity.  He selects his clients carefully, as he tends to maintain long client relationships, and over 90% of his business comes from repeat clientele.

The most common products Roy creates marketing for are published products, including information products, newsletters, courses, and books; he is also often relied on to fill the seats for live events including seminars, webinars, and teleseminars.

Roy’s preference is to work with clients who are already regularly using proven direct marketing principles, including strong copy and compelling offers, and who are tracking returns on all marketing expenses.  Most of the promotions Roy produces are based on a “risk-free trial” or soft offer, and he seldom accepts a new client who does not guarantee what they sell.

Roy works on a fee plus royalty basis, so he has a vested interest in the success of your promotion.

Go ahead and check out the list of Roy’s happy clients to see who’s already putting his expertise to work.

Or if you’ve already seen what you need, you can request a consultation today so Roy can start helping you get results for your business.