Roy Furr Named AWAI 10K Challenge Winner!

Okay so I’m not one of those “creative” copywriters whose only satisfaction is when I win an award for my creativity.  No — I care about the results I get YOU as my client.  But when a current client (who also happens to be the top trainer of direct marketing copywriters in the world) wants to give me an award and industry recognition for the results my copy has generated for them as well as to recognize my outstanding work with them as a copywriter…  I’m all for it.

For those of you who are not familiar with American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) or this award…

AWAI is by far the top place to go today to learn how to write copy like the masters of direct response.  They count many of the cream of the crop A-list copywriters as faculty for their Bootcamps, workshops, and programs.  (The short list includes Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Bill Bonner, Michael Masterson, Don Hauptman, Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, John Forde, Bob Bly, and Clayton Makepeace…  And that’s the very short list.)

The $10K Challenge award is given out to one hot up-and-coming copywriter every year for outstanding contributions to AWAI.  While they didn’t name a specific reason I received the award, the fact that I wrote the promo and launch emails for their best opportunity product launch in their 13-year history probably had something to do with the award.

Out at dinner with with some of AWAI’s top brass in terms of staff and gurus, I heard a challenge to another copywriter that his goal for an upcoming launch was to “beat my record” — and I got the feeling that that’s the challenge to everyone right now.  (Little do they know that I’m going to beat my own record on my next launch!)

Okay, so with whatever shred of humility I have left over — let me turn it over to AWAI for their official announcement (reprinted with permission)…

Congratulations to AWAI’s Latest $10K Challenge Winner …

At Bootcamp last week, AWAI Co-Managing Partner, Rebecca Matter announced the newest winner of AWAI’s “$10K Spec Challenge.”

And the winner is …

Roy Furr from Ames, Iowa!

Direct Marketing Copywriter Roy Furr Wins AWAI 10K Challenge

From left to right: Katie Yeakle, Peter Fogel, Roy Furr, and Rebecca Matter

According to Rebecca,

“Roy is a person who has all the qualities of what I believe to be a dream copywriter …

He always meets his deadlines. In fact, sometimes he submits his work early.

He’s an idea machine … he’s always thinking about ways to make my life easier … or make the AWAI business better.

He takes the time to learn how the copy will be used, and thoroughly gets to know the product he’s promoting firsthand, before writing a word of copy.

And he’s ALWAYS pitching me something new. You may think that would be a negative, but as a busy marketer, it’s a blessing. He always has a new project that I should consider doing – oh and by the way, he’s the guy to do it.

He deserves this award and I feel honored to present him with it.”

When asked how he feels to be the 2010 10K Challenge Winner, Roy replied with:

“I’m thankful and excited! Winning the $10K Challenge feels like validation of how far I’ve come in my copywriting career, and especially in the last year since attending my first Bootcamp in 2009.

Last year I was working full-time with no definite plan to go freelance. Within 3-months, 3-days of returning home I did it – I quit my job and started my freelance career. And the 9 months or so since then things have really taken off. Now I hope to use my future projects with AWAI to help other copywriters have the same success!”

He went on to tell his fellow Bootcamp attendees …

“I didn’t do anything magical to stand out and win the $10K Challenge this year. Just about everything I did, in fact, is repeatable by other copywriters who want to win this next year. When you work, work hard. Always be learning, from books, AWAI products, seminars, and by talking with and listening to your clients. Set deadlines and keep them. Stay in touch with new ideas. And try to be easy to work with.

Do these things and you’ll surprisingly put yourself in the top few percent of any profession – especially copywriting. If you want to be next year’s $10K Challenge winner, you ought to write out this list, put it on your wall, and refer to it daily. As for me, I’m going to keep on doing these things and making bigger and better things happen … There’s a whole new world in front of me!”

Roy is living proof that AWAI members can accomplish their dreams of living the writer’s life if they’re willing to work for it.

If you’d like to see what I can do for your business, you can go ahead and check out my specialties page or dive right in and request a consultation.