Warning: Blatant Pitch

Warning: Blatant Pitch

(Do NOT read this unless you’re ready to be pitched
on a service I believe will bring you incredible value,
and could even make you a multi-millionaire.)

Dear Friend and Fellow “Hopkins” Copywriter,

I know as a copywriter you see tons of pitches for products, services, and everything else, every day.  Buy this.  Buy that.  Subscribe to this.  Try that.

It’s as easy for us to get “advertising fatigue” as anyone else – and likely easier.  Because if we’re doing our jobs as copywriters we should be paying far closer attention to our advertising than John and Jane Q. Public.

In fact, because of the sheer amount of advertising we see…

It’s often hard to distinguish between the good and bad products.  What’s for real, and what’s a steaming pile of bull manure.

In looking for good advertising, it’s easy to forget that in some cases (often few and far between)…

There is an exceptionally good product or service behind the pitch.

So if you’re like me, you may spend your day buried in good ads to find inspiration for work…  Yet when it comes to spending your own hard-earned fungolas, you often turn somewhere else entirely.  Personal recommendations, for one.

In that vein, I’d like to provide my personal recommendation to you for an exceptional service.

In fact, I’m going to make to you a blatant, direct pitch for a resource that I believe could change your life.  (And I’ve put my money where my mouth is – I’m a happy customer and if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today.)

As a member of the Claude Hopkins Copywriter group on LinkedIn, I know you look up to folks who walk the walk when it comes to “sales multiplied” marketing and advertising strategies.  Old Claude wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, one of the tip-top folks in our biz when it comes to walking the walk is Mr. Dan Kennedy.

There’s a reason this guy gets six-figure project fees as a freelance copywriter, when he agrees to take on clients.  He has the experience and results to justify it.  Further, he surrounds himself with people who have similar experience and results – and have made substantial personal fortunes through their adeptness in advertising.

I’ve followed Dan for years.  Mostly through his books, but through other resources as well.  I’ve always looked up to him as a copywriter.

And yet there was always another portion of Dan’s business where he was making far more people far richer than in copywriting.

Publishing – or, as he’s branded it, Information Marketing.

While plenty of folks have followed Dan’s advice to make a lot more money from their freelance copywriting biz…

Dan’s reputation as the “Millionaire Maker” comes from his insight into how average folks like us can make a fortune by selling information.

Well, Dan has a lot of resources you can purchase if you want to learn the art and science of high-profit information marketing from him.

But there’s one – a service I’m a member of – that I want you to drop everything and sign up for today.


What is it?  It’s membership in the Information Marketing Association.  This is an association Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Robert Skrob created together in order to share everything you need to know on how to build your own profit- and lifestyle-giving information marketing business.

While Robert Skrob is at the helm of the day-to-day, you’re getting Dan’s philosophies, strategies, and specific techniques from start-to-finish.  These are the same lessons countless entrepreneurs have used over the last couple decades to build seven- and eight-figure information marketing businesses.

One of Dan’s protégés even started his multi-million dollar information marketing biz from his kitchen table in his underwear, and isn’t afraid to tell the world!

This is the opportunity the world sets at your feet when you discover what it takes to be a successful information marketer.

And by far one of the best ways I know of to get that opportunity is by following Dan and becoming a member of the Information Marketing Association.


With membership in the Information Marketing Association, you get…

  • Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Info-Marketing Letter delivered once every other month
  • Dan Kennedy’s Information Marketing Special Reports delivered in the other months
  • Monthly “Best Practices” in Information Marketing teleseminars
  • Monthly “Jump Start” coaching calls to get your biz off the ground and making profits, fast
  • Access to the members-only IMA site, with the Info-Marketing Library, years of Best Practices and Jump Start call archives, free content you can use in your newsletters, and an online member forum

(Plus a way you can submit your articles and other content for other members to use in their newsletters – with your byline, including link to your site!)

I know you’re a copywriter.  You may not even imagine yourself as a millionaire information marketer.

Yet the truth is – the more experience I get, the more I realize that you can’t just rely on copywriting income alone if you want to get ahead.  And for writers like us, publishing and information marketing is one of the fastest, easiest ways to start the type of business that could really transform our lives, give us all the income we could want or need, and achieve true freedom.

You must at least take a look at this opportunity.

That’s why you’re getting my blatant pitch today.

I’ve made thousands of dollars in the last few years from a hands-off information marketing project in a little tiny, almost non-existent niche.  My clients – basically all information marketers – make millions.

And the cool thing?  It’s all about leverage.  It’s no longer about dollars for hours, or dollars per project.  You could literally create one sales letter, selling one product, that makes you a million or more.

It’s why I’m taking specific steps toward growing the information marketing part of my business, including activating my membership in the Information Marketing Association.

I want you to do the same.


Because I believe so strongly in what membership in the Information Marketing Association can mean to copywriters, I’ve worked with Denise in their office to give you access to this special deal.

The normal membership fee for membership in the Information Marketing Association is $99 per month.  It may seem like a steep price to pay, but it’s worth every penny if you just start to apply what you learn.

Yet you don’t have to pay that much to get started.

Robert Skrob wrote a book called the Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing that you can buy on Amazon right now for $13.23+shipping.

Though if you buy it direct through Robert – for just $9.95 – he’ll also let you test-drive membership in the Information Marketing Association completely RISK FREE for the next 60 days.

When you get the book (for less than a measly 10 bucks – with no extra shipping charges) you get all the benefits of being a member of the Information Marketing Association for the next 60 days.


Oh yeah, and the $9.95 book you buy to get 60 days free membership is packed with actionable advice on starting your Information Marketing business, plus so many idea-inspiring success stories it’ll make your head spin!

I worked out this deal so you could practically take advantage of Robert, Dan, Bill, and the rest of the folks at the Information Marketing Association…  Because I wanted it to be so easy to try it out you’d have to be crazy not to.

Yes, if you become a member, I’ve also arranged a fair cut in exchange for introducing you to the Association.  Though I know you’re not going to stay a member beyond those 60 days unless and until you discover how much immediately-applicable profit-generating advice you get every month with your membership.

And who knows – with what you learn and take action on in your first 60 days you could easily have paid for your full year’s membership before your free period ends!

So how do you sign up?  GO HERE: www.infomarketingstartup.com/a18476

You’ll have to give your name and email address first, in order to see the offer and checkout page.  Just do it.  You’ll get a bunch of success stories (worth taking notes on) via email, though you can opt out of those at any time.  You’ll also get access to the offer I’ve arranged for you.

Though you need to do it now.  This is the type of thing where the time will never be right, unless you make it the right time.  Well, make now the right time.  That’s what the most successful people I’ve known have done to get ahead – and it’s a lesson you should apply.  Especially when I’ve arranged such a low barrier to entry on your behalf.


Would you invest $9.95 now in changing your life dramatically for the better?  I whole-heartedly and enthusiastically recommend you do.

GO HERE: www.infomarketingstartup.com/a18476


Roy Furr

Owner, Claude C Hopkins Copywriter group on LinkedIn

PS – I don’t know how long they’ll keep this offer up for you, but it’s available RIGHT NOW.  So take advantage of it.  GO HERE: www.infomarketingstartup.com/a18476