WANTED: Financial Direct Response Copywriters


Financial Direct Response Copywriters
With Proven Results

… I want to introduce you to a client
who is paying me over $25,000
for a single promotion
(and wants to cut you similar-sized checks)


  • UPDATE: THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOW CLOSED.  I’m no longer working with this client in this capacity, and am unable to forward your work on to them.  Thanks for the understanding!
  • If you came here looking to work with a proven direct response copywriter, I take on a very limited number of clients for project work.  Click here for details.


Dear Copywriter,

If you have a track record of writing effective direct response copy to intelligent investors — as proven by sales results generated — I’d like to introduce you to a client willing to write big checks.

This client is happily paying me over $25,000 for a single promotion written earlier this year — based on the sales results generated — in addition to the flat fee they paid up front.

In fact, they’d be happy to pay me — or you — that amount twice over, and twice over again, as a portion of sales generated.

Now I’m going to be intentionally coy — because I don’t want to flood this client with a bunch of inquiries from wannabe copywriters just looking for a way to make some fast cash.

No — I only want to send you to my client if you’re a hard-working, professional direct response copywriter with a track record of generating sales with your copy.  Or at least an up-and-coming superstar with proof you have what it takes.

Before I get any further, a couple quick things you must understand.

This is a bit of a weird letter to write, and I’m sure it’s a weird letter for you to read.  So before we go further you should understand these things to put this letter in context:

  • I don’t get a cut of your royalties.  In fact, I’m not compensated in any way by bringing you on board.  Sure, there’s the ego thing if I discover the next superstar writer.  And the more paying customers you bring to file, the better the royalties I’ll get on future promotions when I sell to those new customers.  But there’s no direct compensation for finding talent.  I’m doing this because I do a lot of things to help my client succeed, and this is one of them.
  • I know it sounds odd that a copywriter is recruiting on behalf of a client.  But the fact is there’s more than enough work to go around.  There are 100 projects for every copywriter, and by bringing new copywriters on board I’m more likely to generate more paying work for myself, not less.  So when I mentioned the idea of doing this to my client, they were happy to have me write this letter because they trust me to scout out the “diamonds in the rough.”  And frankly, they’re tired of sorting through the junk and lazy copywriters to find the good ones…  So if I can help them with it, more power to me.

Okay, so back to you, and finding out if you could be a fit for what we’re looking for…

If you’re the type of copywriter I’m looking for — or aspire to be — you’ll probably recognize these two kinds of copywriters:

  1. The lazy copywriter.  This copywriter has read a bunch of books and gone through a bunch of programs on copywriting.  They get the fundamentals.  But rather than use their creativity to apply those fundamentals, they resort to swiping headline formulas, rewriting leads from others’ promotions, and anything else they can do to shortcut the writing.  Even pro copywriters with decades of experience can fall into this category — but I won’t name names.
  2. The exceptional copywriter.  This copywriter knows how to sell via the printed word.  They know what’s worked before.  And they take the time to think about what’s behind what worked — the psychology, rather than the language — and apply that in novel ways.  (All “A List” copywriters are exceptional copywriters — their clients demand it.)

The lazy copywriter certainly has their place.  In fact, most businesses only need a lazy copywriter to do well.

But when you’re dealing with niches like financial newsletters, where most prospects have seen every copy trick under the sun, you need an exceptional copywriter to deliver exceptional results.

The problem is — exceptional copywriters are a rare breed, and hard to find!

That’s why I’m hoping you will come to me.

If you’re a fit, here’s what you can expect.

My client is willing to pay between 2% and 5% royalties on gross sales generated — depending on your arrangement, and which of their products you’re working on.  Spend enough time in the industry and you’ll find that the upper-end of that range (above 3%) is very uncommon and hard to get — I know for a fact one of the biggest financial publishers in the industry has made it a rule that the MAXIMUM they’ll pay is 3%.  Prove yourself to my client and you can certainly earn more.

You’ll also receive a flat fee per project, to be negotiated directly with the client.

If you want to make a good income on flat fees, this client probably isn’t for you.  While they’re willing to pay the right copywriter what they’re worth, that’s not where the upside is in this arrangement.

When I mentioned above that they were paying me over $25,000 for a single promotion, that’s from royalties.  I expect — as should you — that your biggest upside will come from royalties, not fees.

So what do you say?  Are you interested?

Here’s how to respond.  Write me an email loaded with as much proof and credibility as you’ve got, explaining to me why you’re the financial direct response copywriter for the job.  Note: PLEASE INCLUDE EXAMPLE COPY and SALES RESULTS GENERATED. 

Sell me on yourself. Give me reasons why you’re the right copywriter. What makes you uniquely qualified? How did you learn direct response copywriting? Who are your mentors and heroes? What books, programs, or courses have you learned the most from? Tell me! 

If you can’t sell yourself, how the heck are you going to sell something you don’t know 1/10th as well as you know yourself?

Oh and did I say I want to see example copy and know how well it did?  Well I do!

My email: roy@freshlookinc.com.

I’m not going to coach you on becoming a better copywriter, or anything like that.  I’ll shoot straight and tell you whether I think you’re a fit or not.  And that’s about all the feedback you’ll get.  If I do think you’re a fit, I’ll forward your information on to my client and it’ll be up to them to get a hold of you.

If you do start working with my client, you will be expected to learn to write in their style.  Their style is NOT over-the-top copy full of ballsy promises and extraordinary claims.  Candor, a dedication to honest and truthful presentation, and a well-informed voice will be critical.

“How to turn every $10,000 into $500,000 in 12 months,” is not acceptable.

“The surprising true story of a rogue gold stock speculator who turned $10,000 into $500,000 in less than 12 months, and how to use his secret for bigger wins in your portfolio” as long as it is true, could be acceptable.

If you understand the difference, I’d like to hear from you.

So, please write me that sales letter about yourself, using as much proof and credibility as you’ve got.  Tell me why my client should fight hand over fist to add you to their team.  Show that you’re an independent thinker, and exceptional copywriter.

Send it to roy@freshlookinc.com and I’ll reply within 7 days to let you know if your information is being forwarded on or not.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Roy Furr

Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Copywriter for Financial Publishers

  • UPDATE: THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOW CLOSED.  I’m no longer working with this client in this capacity, and am unable to forward your work on to them.  Thanks for the understanding!
  • If you came here looking to work with a proven direct response copywriter, I take on a very limited number of clients for project work.  Click here for details.